Two 77 - Website Redesign

Website Design

While working at Two 77 as a graphic designer, I initiated a company wide rebrand, which also included a complete re-design of the website. The redesigned company brand is presented cohesively through the use of a strong color palette, typography and image treatment.

The viewer is greeted initially with a looping video file placed behind the headline text. This video gives movement, visual interest and includes Two 77 events and work product - with the intention of capturing the viewer's attention and inciting interest into our work. 

In an effort to deliver content in a clear and succinct manner, only three main buttons are provided in the body of the website. This is a strategic and visual choice with the intention of delivering content in a straightforward and decisive manner. This also provides less opportunity for the viewer to click away from the site. 

The footer is simple, clean in design and includes social media, contact information and a rotating testimonial. 

The global and uniform application of the Two 77 brand elements, visual details and aesthetic characteristics presents a well defined and on brand presentation of the Two 77 agency.

This work was produced while at Two 77.