Interactive Voting

Interactive Voting  question

Interactive Voting question

Interactive Voting

Interactive Voting


MFA Thesis Project

Information Graphics, Exhibition Design, Illustration, Typography

The final project of my thesis exhibition was titled Interactive Voting, which allowed visitors to voluntarily participate by responding to a single, simple question about chocolate chip cookies. I created the Interactive Voting project to address three goals: to collect data on my audience’s preferences for chocolate chip cookies; to create a project that would allow my audience to voluntarily participate in an activity within the exhibition; and lastly, to provide an informal opportunity for discussion and have conversations with my thesis exhibition visitors.

Clear glass cookie jars, organized the available answers and held the voting tokens. The cookie jars allowed for the progression of the voting to be observed - allowing the information graphic to change dynamically as exhibition visitors voted.

10' in length
printed vinyl, cookie jars and pingpong balls